Ruairidh MacVeigh


Built to do battle with the Airbus A321, the 737-900 is the longest 737 ever created and was the final model for the company’s 737 Next Generation Range of the 1990’s. However, despite all this effort, the ambiguous -900 was, at first, a sales calamity, thanks in no small part to some questionable engineering choices by Boeing itself.

The 737-900 is essentially a complete step-up from the preceding 737-800, sharing a majority of its features; including engines, electronics and configuration. However, the main change involved with this aircraft is the lengthening of the fuselage by 7ft 10 inches, giving it an overall length of 138ft 3 inches. This makes it 40cm longer than the smallest version of the Boeing 707; the 707-120. As a result, the -900 has 9% more cabin floor space and 18% more cargo space than the -800.

19 737-900 N737X landing l The Boeing 737-900 prototype is seen touching down during…

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