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Friends of Syria


Sources in Russia and Syria, some known indirectly to me through a reliable contact, have reported that US and British “advisers” and “instructors” to the Syrian opposition forces are trapped in Idlib. There are frantic attempts by the USA and Britain to ask Turkey or Russia to help evacuate these troops. But Britain has refused to co-operate with the Russians!

The local opposition forces in Idlib include tens of thousands of extreme Al Qaeda related elements like Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) many of whom were given safe passage out of other parts of Syria recaptured by Government forces. Turkey which backs the National Front for Liberation has asked Russia for time to isolate HTS in order to forestall an attack.

While today the USA calls for Russian and Syrian forces to hold off from attacking Idlib last year the US Government’s Special Envoy in the region Brett McGurk called Idlib…

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