Freezing ice-cold wind!

Blizzards and freezing temperatures are set to wallop Britain next week as an Arctic blast sweeps across the country and lingers for weeks.

Temperatures will plunge to a bone-numbing -10C and the bitter freeze – with polar gales from Siberia and heavy snow – is expected to last through Christmas.

Forecasters are predicting wintry showers and snow into December – increasing fears of ice storms – and they warned the first major snow storm of the season could hammer parts of Scotland and northern England.

Severe weather threatens to disrupt travel for millions and throw next month’s festive preparations into mayhem, it was reported.

Britons woke up to widespread frost and icy patches on Thursday as temperatures dropped below freezing in many places, including -6.3C in South Newington, Oxfordshire, and -5.6 in Odiham, Hampshire.

The Met Office said it will be cloudy in the east with showery rain, most persistent in eastern Scotland.

The day will start off sunny elsewhere before turning cloudier with showers reaching central and northwestern areas later Thursday afternoon.

Drizzle and outbreaks of rain will be persistent in the north in the evening, and some heavy showers are likely in south and south-west England, with further fog overnight into Friday mornig.

Temperatures will be relatively mild on Thursday



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