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Personal diary in the Netherlands and East & West Germany in 1977

part one

I worked in Holland on the Dutch flat tulip fields to pay for my passage to West-Berlin.

The Dutch had been very friendly and accomodating.
The train I had taken from the Hook-of-Holland was very exciting.It was a long,continental train and was made up of bottle-green carriages,at the midpoint a Russian carriage stood.
It had the Hammer-and-sickle insignia and a red star on top.

similar to this

It took 8 weeks work before I could board the train.

maxresdefault (15).jpg

At the West German border there were some blonde “Aryan” types giving a Pole a tough time of it.They were Grenzschutz-Polizei border officials.I felt they really humiliated him,making him very uncomfortable.He went white!As the train left the border-post,this sharp young blond-haired official stood at the Platform edge.He wore a green tunic,with a high-peaked cap,pistol at the hip in a black holster.He stood only…

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