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Anarchism in Greece is often difficult to trace the connections of the various anarchist leagues and affinity groups, as they remained mostly underground. They are making progress against these evil zion banker states imposing harsh austerity and depraved freedoms upon their working populace.


A Greek government official’s car was firebombed in front of his house on Friday while a Molotov cocktail was thrown at a bank and another group attacked a police car, the authorities said. Attacks on banks and government property have increased since a 15-year-old was killed by the police earlier this month, setting off a wave of violent youth protests. The car, used by a junior environment minister, was hit by a gasoline bomb early Friday in the northwestern city of Ioanina. The attack on a branch of the Greek Farm Bank in Psychiko, a suburb of Athens, caused minor damage. In the evening, youths…

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