MH370 sleuths have demanded Google investigate claims the missing plane has been photographed multiple times lying in the Cambodian jungle by its satellites.

British video producer Ian Wilson believes he has spotted the doomed plane, which vanished on March 8, 2014, by spending “hours” searching online.

Images from Google Maps show the outline of a large plane in a remote part of southern Cambodia  – which could simply be an aircraft flying directly below the satellite which photographed it.

But in the latest twist to the saga, Google Earth’s copyright date and imagery date for the picture have been listed as different years in recent weeks, reports The Daily Star.

This has led to speculation the supposed wreckage has been snapped several times in the past by the tech giant’s satellites – ruling out the theory that Wilson’s picture shows a plane in flight.

While the current imagery date is listed as March 2017, last week it was reportedly published as December 2015.

 Online sleuths claims the plane has been photographed multiple times by Google's satellites

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