Separatist Uses Dead Ukrainian’s Phone To Inform His Mother Of His Death

The nearly 20 minute video shows points of view from both the Ukrainian military and Russian proxy forces, from the same event.

The video begins with a Ukrainian recon patrol clad in snow camo. They are attempting to infiltrate deep into the demarcation zone to gather intel on enemy positions. Instead, they enter a booby trapped trench line, and the cameraman appears to detonate an anti personnel mine, wounding him. His buddies drag him back to cover as more shooting begins.

The footage then switches to the Pro-Russian separatist side, which shows the aftermath. It appears that nearly the entire Ukrainian recon patrol was killed, with the exception of the wounded cameraman who is detained and given first aid for his wounds.

Just after the 15 minute mark of the video, a separatist officer uses a phone found on one of the dead soldiers to call the enemy commander and inform him that the recon platoon will not be returning to base.

The footage then takes an incredibly haunting twist as the slain soldier’s mother calls the phone and one of his killers answers. He then chillingly informs the worried parent that her son is dead.

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