interesting…this may possibly be borne out in the very immediate future

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For these horsemen of the real Project Fear, it seems to signal that even though ordinary people now believe Brexit to have been an historic mistake, they are prepared to go along with it as long as it shuts people like the Sun on Sunday, Priti Patel and Iain Duncan Smith up for a little while.

If a major opinion poll commissioned by Britain’s best-selling newspaper revealed huge support for the statement “Brexit is an historic mistake and only now are people realising it”, you’d imagine it would be pretty big news, right?

Well, the first bit happened. And the second didn’t.

Deltapoll’s survey of 1,904 adults for The Sun On Sunday, published on August 18, showed 44% of respondents agreeing, with 30% disagreeing – a convincing lead of 14%.

Yet, curiously, to discover this you had to read down to the 23rd paragraph of 29 in a story…

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