The Conservative government created this bad situation punishing the poor with  austerity

For years Londoners have mercilessly been watched and prosecuted for minor misdemeanours on thousands of cctv cameras,mercilessly levelled fines for speeding 3 mph over a limit, for being on double red lines

Now after years of abusing the common public, in the schools showing no discipline to youth, having no respect for police officers

Now they want that the public wades in to sort out fights the police customarily have dealt with.

I know what my answer is…the same answer you receive when after 40 years of work you turn homeless and jobless from the ‘great recession’ and ask for some help…….you get ignored!

You reap what you sow…..

The commissioner for London’s Metropolitan police has urged the public to “do something physical” and get involved should they see a police officer being attacked.

Cressida Duck decried the practice of passersby filming police officers being attacked then posting the footage online, as“absolutely awful.”

“Officers getting assaulted and people thinking that’s funny and putting it on the internet – I think that’s disgusting,” said the Commissioner.

Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner REUTERS/Simon Dawson

Dick’s comments come after a video came to prominence last month of two officers being attacked in South London. Police attempt to arrest three occupants of a vehicle before losing control of the situation, one officer is seen being dragged to the ground, while the other is fly kicked by a suspect, landing headfirst beside a moving bus.

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The footage was posted online with the caption: “South London at night…lol” and shared thousands of times, while national press picked up the story.

Dick said: “I think I want to live in a society, and I think I do live in a society, where people are active citizens.

“People stand up and say ‘that’s not right, don’t do that’ and on occasion, if they feel able, get involved and do something physical.

“You have to look at the circumstances.

“If there’s a man pointing a gun at you we don’t want you running at the man pointing the gun, that would be crazy.

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“f you see an officer getting a kicking and you feel able to assist, absolutely I want my public getting involved, and we see people getting involved, including in some of those videos.

“We don’t want people taking crazy risks, we do want people getting involved.” (RT)

Look what the police did to the miners, look what the police didn’t do to control Hillsborough,look at all the surveillance of innocent (non corporate minded) individuals

look what the police did at Wapping

Look at the bankers (no arrests…no investigation)

ANSWER Police are tools of the Established elite who care not for us!!

They are in the pay of them.

In their mind the merciless police state continues…they stood by letting people starve either on the street, or under bridges or in forests, or simply in housing estates behind closed doors, pensioners scraping by with little or no food or heating.But that was acceptable to them.So is the crisis in the NHS or the sky high rail fares (all that is no problem)

Take it with a pinch of salt…once the police start working as public employees then we help them-not before.


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