The Clinton Network  Is The Largest Child Sex Trafficking Organization In The World.  The Clinton’s have so much dirt on so many people of power, foreign leaders, Bankers…ect, no one dare try to expose this criminal Organization.New Troll DisInfo campagin, they are trying to get Patriots to doubt Q and get Patriots to take to the streets. By bringing up Cali fires, nothing is happening, etc.. The DS have no ammo left, just delay and DisInfo. Be aware of these talking points. WWG1WGA JimmyLionStar

Oregon – why am I not surprised – The Left Coast has been a CIA Hollywood petri dish ever since rogue OSS sub contractors needed to launder what booty they were paid or killed for, everything from portions of Yamashita’s gold stashes, drug and human slaves they marketed around the Pacific Rim and west coast to crime families, Hell’s Angels, Los Vegas players developing a market for porn & perversion etc.

Oregon is still rumored to be a quiet drug processing, money laundering and human trafficking way point on the Red Highway between Vancouver & Mexico.

The Payseur French family is the family above the Rothchilds!! They bought the Vatican in the late 1800s they bought all the newspapers. They own the Federal Reserve. Do some research and you will see.


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