It was Arabs!  It was Russia! I’m sure China was behind it!Isis here ISIS there ISIS every bloody where, tax the poor, fine the poor, absolve the rich.Buy another yacht after imprisoning the poor, go back home in your Mercedes to your suburban leafy mansion after kicking the arse of a worker!

For about 30 years (at least) people tried to figure out who killed Kennedy, it was the mafia, no it was the Cuban, it was central intelligence.Was it central intelligence? They killed him because of his outlandish speech about the Fed. Either way the world shook like in an earthquake.

Now here we are after mister bad guy (alias doctor no) and his cohorts were in power. …

mister bad guy at the controls 

We have an unsolved attack on New York City that killed well over 3,000 and an illegal war in Iraq that killed over a million, plus a banking crisis (where no one was investigated or prosecuted) that affected millions, plunging millions into poverty and hopelessness but no solution was ever found.

Ask yourself in whose interest was it that the liberties afforded by the West be taken over?

-the British crown ?

-American  corporations?


-all of the above…….

Back in the 1970’s if a bank robber had stolen a weeks time they would be hot on his trail, likely shoot them dead or imprison them for a mighty long time.
Here nothing like that happened.Don’t you find that odd?

People commit monstrous crimes even on a scale like WW2 and nothing happens??

Instead of any investigation or prosecution there was a mock hearing, like the police investigating the police, and they were satisfied nothing happened.The original rat – bag story stuck.

So instead of justice, we have unapprehended criminals right in our midst. Camoflaged criminals (Rothschilds ‘place-men’) here in the organs of government, ‘place-men’ in banks and in the courts, criminal types leading corporations and top companies busily trampling over the rights of lessor others. 

I got money I am somebody! You shut up, shut your mouth!

Nearly 15 years of economic decline , economic recession and the cat is still not out of the bag.

It may not bother the Godless, they will answer the question ‘how comes you have life?’ by saying my daddy had big balls, or I was a glint in my father’s eye (thus denying god) but the Bible promises us that Chris will come again to judge the living and the dead, that the humble will be exalted and the proud and boastful be broken, that the devil will be chained for a thousand years, that our LORD shall judge you according to your deeds

If senior Nazis can be tried,so can our current oppressors

Most kids are lucky now in the west to have any type of job.Sure they were spoilt with toys and candy growing up, but now they can’t fit in , society spurns them and they have no role to play.

Manners and politeness would be nice, but is it there fault?
We have a comments box below, the internet is supposedly a free channel of communication- you tell me where we go from here?



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