seen after the news about the hearing

‘an Art group called Gelatin rented a whole floor for a year for a art project from Israel, they were all Mossad, they wired it all, and then they were experts in small thermo nuclear suitcase size explosives developed by Israel and they set off the nuke in the ground floor of the level seven right on top of the bedrock, the bedrock was melted at the bottom, it formed glass, the cesium and iodine 131 levels were off the charts, geiger counter were never allowed at the site they cleaned up, it was all radioactive, a truly dirty bomb, on the smaller buildings up front they removed the elevators so they would burn out in the explosions of the buildings, that’s why they the people incinerated and then the same cancers from Chernobyl site’

‘Arrest Larry Silverstein, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for starters. Why these bastards haven’t been lynched has puzzled me for years.’

the site of seeing this building come down,that’s if you could get on the internet on Sept 11 2001-it must be one of the most enduring and utterly horrible images so far!
It was a normal September day in London, in fact the papers were busy with David Beckham on Sept 10…that’s how shocking and unexpected this day was to Joe Soap in London ,England

“Jewish Satanic fingerprints were all over it. It was both an outside job (Mossad) and a Inside job (Jewish Neocons), with the assistance of US treasonous traitors within US Gov bought & paid for by Jewish Zionist Bankers for the greater Israel Plan.. The five Dancing Israeli Agents who were arrested & later released under authority of Jewish Michael Chertoff (Head of Homeland Security) were there to document the event??? Their white van with explosives in the back pulled over by police with a mural on the side of a boeing flying into the the towers, arresting officers said they saw a lot that aroused their suspicion about the men. One of the passengers had $4,700 in cash hidden in his sock. Another was carrying two foreign passports. A box cutter was found in the van. All Mossad fronts..The 14 Art Students, it has now been confirmed, were in the World Trade Center Towers with Construction Passes, connected to Mossad Spy Ring. A group called (Gelatin) in May of spring of 2000,14 shared free studio space on the 91st floor, had ample time to lay explosives? Workers below heard drilling ,construction going on, above them, there offices where covered in dust months prior to the attacks?? The floors were donated by Larry Silverstein, Frank Lowy, Joseph Cayre & real estate investor Lloyd Goldman, all part of the same Jewish Communist tribe combined as Leaseholders bought the WTC Complex 6 weeks prior to attacks for two acts of terrorism??? Lucky Larry”

Your thoughts please don’t be shy…….


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