In morning incident, Lebanon disputes Israel’s placement of concertina wire along Blue Line separating the two countries; UN troops on site keep peace

Russia reportedly tells Lebanon to keep border with Israel quiet.

Moscow said to instruct Beirut that it should resolve the problem of tunnels dug under the border by Hezbollah

Russia has reportedly told Lebanon that it should ensure the border region with Israel abides by a United Nations Security Council resolution for maintaining peace, and that it should remove any attack tunnels dug under the boundary by the Hezbollah terror group.

Moscow sent a message to Beirut that it should not “play around with UN Resolution 1701,” Channel 10 news reported Monday, citing a report from the London-based Arabic daily newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat.

Hezbollah could lead to the destruction of Lebanon

President Reuven Rivlin told Israel Defense Forces soldiers Sunday that the Hezbollah terror group will drag Lebanon into war with Israel, “ultimately leading to [Lebanon’s] destruction.”

“We see the government of Lebanon as responsible for what happens in Lebanon,” Rivlin said as he toured the northern border hours after the IDF announced it had located another Hezbollah cross-border attack tunnel, the fourth since it started a search-and-destroy mission called Operation Northern Shield earlier this month.

“We are warning Hezbollah not to impose an Iranian agenda on Lebanon, or to use it to attack Israel,” he said. “The IDF is prepared and ready to respond to any scenario forced upon us.”

“Hezbollah’s offensive tunnels constitute a flagrant violation of Israeli sovereignty, and the international community must understand that Israel will do whatever it takes to defend itself,” Rivlin said.


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