As mayhem descended on the streets of Brussels, one man, apparently a protester, was seen being pepper-sprayed in the face at very close range by police officers. He then collapsed on the pavement and was given no help.

Over 5,000 people gathered in Brussels to voice their anger over the controversial UN migration pact, which was signed earlier in December in Marrakech, Morocco. Dubbed the ‘March against Marrakech,’ the rally quickly descended into chaos, with protesters scuffling and clashing with police. Officers resorted to using water cannon and tear gas.

However, one of the videos that emerged from the scene is particularly unsettling. It shows a man, probably a demonstrator, running towards a group of police officers in full riot gear. It’s not clear whether he wanted to shout something or hit a policeman. But he’s not given a chance to do anything.

The officers quickly surround him and unleash a strong shot of pepper spray right into his face from very close range.

Seconds later, the man, completely disoriented, is trying to recover. Temporarily blinded, he rubs his irritated eyes and attempts to find his way.

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Photos and video appear to show that he was carrying no weapons, stun grenades or firecrackers. He manages to walk less than a meter and then collapses on the pavement. Neither police nor other demonstrators pay any attention, and the crowds just run past the man. Several people are then seen taking photos of him and then simply walking away. We don’t know if any of the witnesses called an ambulance.

Police haven’t revealed the number of casualties that occurred during the demonstrations. However, some scenes depicted havoc and violence which may have resulted in injuries. Two protesters were seen being sprayed with water cannon right in their faces. 


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