PParis and cities around France are once again gearing up for another Saturday of “yellow vest” protests which on previous weekends have been marred by severe violence, looting and ransacking of shops. Police will once again be out in force.

Paris Chief of Police, Michel Delpuech, said he plans to “deploy a number of police similar to last week in terms of resources, strength and strategy” on Saturday. 

This means 8,000 police officers including the CRS, or riot police, and police on horseback in the capital, as well as 14 armoured vehicles among other resources. Around the country 89,000 officers will be on duty.

From Friday evening onwards police will carry out inspections in stations, on roads and in the streets to prevent protesters from bringing weapons into the capital.

People throw stones at police during a demonstration to protest against French government’s string of reforms, on March 22, 2018 in Paris.Seven trade unions have called on public sector workers to strike on March 22, including school and hospital staff, civil servants and air traffic controllers. More than 140 protests are planned across France, the biggest culminating at the Bastille monument in Paris where unions expect 25,000 demonstrators.

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