A homeless man dies outside parliament, not a flicker of remorse from the Tories, not a ounce of contrition, not only do the Cons believe that people don’t have the right to a home, a dwelling, a safe place to live, they do not even believe you have a right to life, it was only a poor person who met a horrendous inhuman death after all, business as usual for the blue ties as they see how many more they can force out onto the street, until the bodies are piling high, and even then the Conservatives would just step over or around them…

Society has a sickness and this Government is the disease…

the Government very intentionally produces pernicious policies which it knows full well will turf vulnerable people out onto the street with no support or money, then it sets the police onto them if they have the audacity to politely ask the passing, kindhearted public for a little loose change, the System is sick and twisted, it is outdated and primitive, it’s as if Westminster has never progressed from the dark ages, it’s wicked, medieval practices of literally human sacrifice, not to any gods, but just because they are evil…

Society deserves so much better, nobody should be wasting away for years with the indignity of no home, no shelter, no security, to eventually die like an animal outside, no person should be humiliated like that, not even for a single night…

Society has a sickness and this Government is the disease…


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