DEC 21

Vitaliy Kupriy Says His Goal Is To Force The West To Remove Moscow From The SWIFT Banking System.

Building on the tensions in the Black Sea region that TruNews has previously reported, an opposition member of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliamentary body, has tabled a draft resolution declaring war on Russia.

On his personal Facebook page, Vitaliy Kupriy said his resolution was aimed at ending Russia’s “hybrid war” against Ukraine and to ensure the end of President Petro Poroshenko’s presidency:

“Poroshenko is an enemy of the Ukrainian state, who cleverly blurs the eyes of a part of our people. In part, his continuous lie relates to attempts to win in the war with Putin.

“He sends captive or death to Ukrainian soldiers, without the desire and real opportunities to free our territories. This has happened recently with our sailors. However, the presence of the so-called ‘humbling’ war with the Russian Federation allows Putin to simply mock the patriots, keep them as criminals in the SIZO, since de jure for the fifth year of the war, we still have no enemy. Even the International Court of Justice in 2017 in its decision did not recognize the RF as an aggressor or a belligerent state.

“There is no hideous war. Tens of thousands died, hundreds of thousands were razed, millions lost their homes. What is this hybrid?! It is obvious that Poroshenko is holding such a war in power and at the same time he earns very good money.

“The toothless, illegal position of Poroshenko does not allow us to demand international assistance, because everyone believes that we are fighting ourselves with ourselves. Not declaring war with the presence of signs of aggression is also a violation of the 1907 Hague Convention, and for this, Poroshenko, along with Turchinov, have to sit in jail for a long time.

“I want to reassure Ukrainians. The declaration of war is not a signal to offensive operations at the front. Quite the opposite – this is the beginning of a pan-scale legal transaction for the liberation of our territories and the reparation of damage caused by the Kremlin.

“Our rigid and legitimate position, the ratification of the Rome Statute of the International Tribunal, the status of a hostile aggressor within the UN Security Council will force our ‘allies’ to impose real sanctions against the Russian Federation to disconnect the international system of SWIFT payments, the introduction of a full-scale trade and economic embargo, etc. And we have to introduce serious sanctions against the aggressor, arrest and then nationalize all the property of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, break diplomatic relations, judge the collaborators’ criminals, and also stop any official cooperation with the Russian Federation.

“And then Putin will not stand and give up the position. He has no strength and desire for any large-scale war with Ukraine. Otherwise, his mode falls as a card house. And he understands that the ‘best’ president for him is Poroshenko. After all, he will never dare to do what I indicated in my draft decision!

“I also want to note that the legal consequences of the declaration of war and the enemy, in contrast to the introduction of martial law, do not violate any constitutional human right. No elections are canceled, people continue to live an ordinary life. But the declaration of a military state without a war and the definition of an opponent—this is a game, which is aimed exclusively at usurping the power of the Kremlin’s ruler!”

Kupriy is a member of the UKROP—Ukrainian Association of Patriots—political party, a group of disaffected former nationalist Euromaidan protesters who span the political gamut from socialists to far-right neo-Nazis. The party’s name comes from a Russian ethnic slur used to describe Ukrainians during the Soviet occupation.

The politician’s social media post drew scorn from a number of commenters, all of whom appeared to be Ukrainian by nationality. Their sentiments appeared to fall into line with the general population, according to a Ukrainian-American who spoke with TruNews on condition of anonymity because he still has family members living in the country.

He said:

“Ukrainians don’t want war; we just want to be left alone. We didn’t like being under Moscow’s thumb when it’s the Soviets and we don’t want to be their slaves now that the oligarchs are in charge.”

He went on to say tensions in the country are building as Poroshenko pushes the country closer to a NATO-led war against Russia, but said they haven’t reached Euromaidan levels because many still believe there is a chance to avoid direct conflict with Moscow in the upcoming March presidential election. But, he added, he’s not so sure about that:

“I fear the war is coming whether we want it or not. Western news, Russian news, it’s all fake news meant to make their side look good and the other side out to be the villain. Ukrainians are just stuck in the middle.”

Ukraine’s elections are currently set to begin Dec. 31 with the formal nomination period. So far, 13 candidates have declared their intent to run, while nine others have at least expressed interest in running.

The first round of voting will occur March 31, and if no candidate receives an absolute majority of the vote, a second round will be held April 21. Currently, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is leading in polls with roughly 20 percent of the vote while Poroshenko is in second place with about 12 percent, followed closely by populist challenger Volodymyr Zelensky, a media executive and actor.


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