Aisha gulped poison before her friends could get help

Aisha Omolola’s pains and struggles were perfectly hidden behind harmless smiles.

Her friends and colleagues could barely tell she had so much bottled up that could lead her to take her life. Until Boxing Day.

The 300 level student of Ahmadu Bello University decided to end her pain by gulping poison at her home in Samaru, Zaria.

Before then, she had notified a few friends and her Whatsapp contacts of her intention by simply updating her status with “I love y’all” and “Rest girl… you need to rest.”

A few other close friends had also got disturbing messages from Aisha.

One of those friends, Maryam Olayemi, after getting a screenshot of the deceased’s suicide note on her Whatsapp, quickly begged her to reconsider.

“I’m coming to you right now… Where are you,” Maryam, who fondly refers to Aisha as “Lolly”, pleaded.

“There’s no need… Av (sic) left the house already” was the response she got from her bosom friend.

According to Maryam’s Twitter post early Thursday, Aisha had gulped poisonous substance and life was leaving her body when she arrived her home.

“I wish I got to you sooner. I’m so sorry you had to do this to yourself. I tried. I tried so hard,” the resident of Abuja who is still coming to terms with the incident, wrote.


Maryam’s exchange with Aisha shortly before she committed suicide. (Photo: @Mer_yerm/twitter)

“Yesterday, I witnessed what depression and frustration could do to a person. I watched as life left you Aisha. Subhanallah!! No one should ever have to go through this again.”

Aisha’s suicide note had read that there was discord among members of her family and there was pressure on her.

“My mom has made life a living hell for me only because she is bipolar and frustrated. Accusing me of being a witch, trying to kill her and being a cursed child even though my brother is responsible for my education and upkeep,” she wrote in the note.

Aisha Omolola’s suicide note.
Concluding part of Aisha Omolola’s suicide note.

She added that she was a “broken child” who couldn’t see her “purpose” anymore.

“Please bury me immediately I’m found dead,” she said as a last request in the note.

Since news of her death went viral, Aisha’s friends have wondered if they could have done more to help her while she was with them.

“Rest in peace Aisha… You should have spoken up instead of hiding so much behind your laughter and smiles,” a close friend, Isaak, said on his Twitter.

Aisha’s death has since sparked another round of conversation on mental health and family pressure on young Nigerians.


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