Pakistan sees the annexation of Kashmir as the logical culmination of the triumph of the “two nation theory”; the basis of the birth of Pakistan that stipulated that Hindus and Muslims of the subcontinent were two nations.

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The country’s army has frequently intervened, both covertly and openly, in Kashmir –  Hamid Hussain

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Pakistan’s troops have a long history of involvement in Kashmir, yet state officials have frequently denied being involved in military operations

Kashmir has been the major source of conflict between India and Pakistan since the departure of the British from the region in 1947. Both countries have fought open and covert wars on this thorny issue over the past60 years.

The problem started right after independence in August 1947, when Maharaja Hari Singh, the Hindu Dogra ruler of the Muslim-majority state of Jammu and Kashmir, decided to join India after failing to maintain independence.Pakistan’s nascent political leadership then decided to reverse the decision by force.However, lacking effective military power, it decided to use Pushtun tribesmen from the North West Frontier Province.

Many British officers were, at the time, serving with the Pakistan army…

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