Maybe they ran away and went into hiding… they’ll disappear in The Labyrinth of worldwide underground bases…. hopefully they’ve been snatched up by some Recon Rangers USMC Special Ops guys that will be rough and tough with them… Those are the last types of guys you want coming after you… I should know because I was one of them a long time ago. MyEcoLifeI started watching this video within 3 minutes of you uploading it. It had 357 plays and about 180 likes. I watched the video and looked again at the stats once I had finished the video and refreshed my stream and its gone up to 3500+ plays. Your channel is going to the stratosphere in 2019 Thomas! Fantastic work as always. AbstrkktIf Jared and the white hats are helping POTUS to spank the Deep State, buying that 666 Building makes great sense. The guy seems to be a source of fear to all the biggies. J.BrooksJohn Brennan Arrested As Lotion The Pumpkin, Pedophiles Flee Their Sinking Ship. With the recent Kevin Spacey video perhaps this is after events. Kevin Spacey showed that he was shaking up his handlers in that strange video he released. Kevin Spacey of course had felonies announced from law enforcement. Then Spacey released the weirdo video that had everyone talking.



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