neither Philippe nor Macron have had any significant dealings with the gilets jaunes, and nor have any other politicians. On the contrary, those who have tried to piggyback on its success have been told where to go. These include Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Rally

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A French government capitulating to widespreadriotingon the streets ofParisand other major cities and towns is nothing new. The modern republic is built on revolution, and street violence has long been viewed as an acceptable reaction to unpopular policies.What makes presidentEmmanuel Macron’s U-turn on green surcharges on the price of fuel so humiliating, however, is that it happened so quickly.

Thegilets jaunes– the “yellow vests”,named after the high visibility jackets that all motorists have to carry inFranceand which they now all wear with pride – only began demonstrating on 17 November. Now they have already forced what was once considered a young, dynamic French administration to run up the white flag. Not only that, but they have also given succour to similar movements acrossEurope, especially those rallying around issues, rather than political parties. Brexiteers frustrated by Britain’s…

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