Argentine football legend Diego Maradona has moved to quell fears over his health after he was hospitalized in Buenos Aires when stomach bleeding was found during a check-up.

The 58-year-old was later discharged and was said to be “feeling well,” according to his family and lawyer.

The man himself has also moved to allay the speculation over fears of any serious health issues.

“I entered the clinic aged 58 years and left aged 50,” he told a local radio station, according to Argentine news outlet Telam.

He insisted he is in “perfect health” before criticizing some of the reports on his well-being, saying: “A**holes are like ants, they are everywhere.”

The 1986 World Cup winner explained that he had gone to the clinic for check-ups on his knee and to comply with medical tests required by the football federation in Mexico, where he currently coaches second-tier club Dorados.

He is expected to return to the club as he attempts to guide them back to Mexican top flight, although an assistant coach will lead them until he returns, according to reports. 

Health problems have plagued Maradona since he retired in 1997. In 2000, he suffered a heart attack due to a cocaine overdose, and another one in 2004.

In 2007, he checked into a rehabilitation clinic struggling with alcohol abuse.

During the World Cup match between Argentina and Nigeria in Russia last June, he felt unwell and was assisted from his seat and treated for low blood pressure.

He then reassured fans that he was merely suffering from neck pain.

The former Napoli and Barcelona star has been seen struggling with knee problems during his time in Mexico.  


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