The Dark Overlord hacking group said it would publish the files unless ransoms were paid by those “implicated” in the files.

Hackers Threaten to Dump Insurance Files Related to 9/11 Attacks .

Its more than highly implausible that the MULTIPLE insurance companies had some super secret investments that increased in value by more than 5 billion dollars that they knew would go up if the towers fell .

( payout was 5 billion)

The only scandalous evidence that I could think of that might be in these files is that the insurance companies found conclusive and hard evidence that the Saudi Royal family directly ordered the 9/11 attacks. Something like that would be pretty damning for the US Govt, especially when you consider that the Bush Admin really didn’t do shit to retaliate against Saudi Arabia over the attacks. We literally blamed, sanctioned, and attacked Saudi Arabia’s enemies instead of them.

There is a real chance that this is what’s in those files and that the US government gag ordered the insurance companies and their investigators. We all remember how long the US government tried to suppress the official 9/11 reports that implicated the Saudi Government and found that agents for the Saudi foreign intelligence apparatus had actually paid for some of the terrorists’ flight school training and apartments. That the only reason, a few of the 9/11 terrorist were on our radar was because while they were in the US they kept making repeated contact with known operatives for Saudi intelligence that our counterintelligence agencies had been keeping tabs on.


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