From contaminated handrails to sniffling passengers, the risk of cold and flu viruses can be all around us when travelling by public transport particularly during the winter months. When heading back to work in January, or starting up the school run again, it doesn’t have to mean the return of coughs and colds. To help keep you feeling well on your commute, Boots Dual Defence can help stop cold and flu like symptoms.

Colds and flu become more prevalent during the winter months, with research by Boots Dual Defence revealing 79% of people who commute to work via public transport believe they have picked up a cold or flu on their commute, with almost half (49%) of people having used public transport whilst sick with a cold or flu.

When someone suffering from a cold or flu coughs, sneezes or even talks, they can expel the virus into the air in droplets which can travel considerable distances. It’s thought that one single sneeze can potentially infect up to 150 commuters, which is why it is important to sneeze into a tissue and to bin this afterwards, it’s also worth swotting up on ways to help shorten the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms if regularly travelling by public transport to work.

New research by Boots Dual Defence also found 81% of people have actively moved away from someone on public transport if they showed cold or flu symptoms, with over half (54%) of people blaming overcrowding for the reason they’ve come into contact with someone on public transport who has cold and flu symptoms.


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