American Air Traffic controllers are starting to call in sick (that is not good)

AGR Daily 60 Second News

Columbus air traffic controllers hurt by government shutdown | WSYX

During the shutdown, and three others in the past, certified air traffic controllers like Weekley are deemed “essential personnel.” While that’s better than being named non-essential, it only provides Weekley with the assurance that he will eventually be paid once the government re-opens.

Until then, he is working six days a week without any paycheck. On Saturday, President Donald Trump signaled that he may allow the shutdown to continue for weeks or months, if he cannot reach an agreement with congressional Democrats over border wall funding.

That leaves employees like Weekley in a lurch.

“The mortgage still comes, you still have to pay your electric bill, car payments still come in and medical bills,” Weekley explained. “I have two daughters and one of them’s sick right now. You still have to be able to support them.

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