“When we privatize, we’re padding the pockets of CEOs and giving up key aspects of our democratic control… “

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The real goal of Trump’s US government shutdown appears to be to get unpaid workers to leave their jobs, and allow him to quickly privatize more government functions, to the benefit of both his foreign and domestic corporate buddies. Additionally, when US government workers get their homes foreclosed upon, his corporate buddies can buy them for cheap, and then rent them for high amounts.

Reagan fired 11,345 air traffic controllers shortly after they went on strike in 1981. Air traffic wasn’t as important then, but it still caused problems for months, afterwards. It also led to the hiring of thousands new, young, air traffic controllers who have reached or passed the retirement age of 56. See: “Aviation system begins to feel stress from the shutdown, union leaders sayhttps://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trafficandcommuting/aviation-system-begins-to-feel-stress-from-the-shutdown-union-leaders-say/2019/01/03/468d86ea-0f7f-11e9-84fc-d58c33d6c8c7_story.html

It is likely that Trump has in mind this historic firing, and doesn’t know or care that air travel…

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