UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says Prime Minister Theresa May is slated to suffer a “humiliating defeat” in Parliament once her deal to take the country out of the European Union (EU) comes up for a crucial vote later on Tuesday.

Speaking in the House of Commons on the eve of the momentous vote, Corbyn said May’s deal was a product of her “shambolic negotiations” with the EU over the past two years.

“And now she is left facing a humiliating defeat, and is blaming everybody but herself,” the chief opposition leader said.

Corbyn said since May had refused to consult lawmakers before striking the deal, there was “no greater example of democracy in action” than for the Commons to vote down her Brexit deal.

He said May should take the blame for the deal’s failure if it gets rejected.

“If this deal is rejected tomorrow—and I hope it is—the blame will lie firmly with the government and firmly at the feet of the prime minister,” Corbyn added.

Weeks after May postponed the original parliamentary Brexit vote to win more support among lawmakers, the deal still stands little chance for approval.

British lawmakers have indicated that May’s deal stands no chance to pass the House of Commons, even though May’s Conservative Party is in the majority thanks to a deal she made last year with Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

According to the UK’s Press Association (PA), the deal will be rejected in a 383-256 vote, as a lot of May’s allies, including the DUP, would join the opposition.

The Sky News expects a grim 423-198 defeat for May.

Harry Bellamy@harry_bellamy98

If @SkyNews is correct the the final Brexit vote is about 198 to 423, then Theresa May has three choices: resign, call an election or advise the Queen to send for Corbyn. I think she should resign and allow Davis and Raab take the reins to save brexit! #BrexitChaos18:15 AM – Jan 15, 2019 · Grafton, New South WalesTwitter Ads info and privacySee Harry Bellamy’s other Tweets

The deal’s opponents say the so-called “backstop” clause undermines the UK’s sovereignty because it effectively separates Northern Ireland from the mainland Britain.

The EU insists it should be able to include Northern Ireland in its customs union and move the border to the Irish Sea until a mechanism is found for bilateral trade.

PressTV-May makes last-ditch bid to save her Brexit deal
I don’t care…I work for the banks and the rich

PressTV-May makes last-ditch bid to save her Brexit dealTheresa May appeals to the House of Commons in what seems to be her last-ditch effort to have her Brexit deal passed.

The EU has unanimously endorsed the deal, telling May that while they would help her get the vote in a last-ditch diplomatic initiative, there is no way they would discuss renegotiation in case of its failure.

Corbyn said Monday that May had ran out of time to make the necessary changes to her deal.

“Given the Prime Minister has failed to secure the promised changes, there can be no question of once again ducking accountability and avoiding tomorrow’s vote,” he said.

“It’s clear what we are voting on this week is exactly the same deal we should have voted on in December,” he added.

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Corbyn’s remarks came after May updated the Commons on her deal and urged lawmakers to back her “compromise” deal with the EU or risk being viewed as having “let the British people down.”


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