Simple magical, manifesting doesn’t work and it never will. There’s a simple reason why and in this article I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to manifest and succeed.

For years now (maybe even centuries) people have been claiming that you can manifest anything you want simply by thinking and believing. Some will tell you to “just put it out there to the Universe” and somehow what you’re seeking will magically manifest.

It doesn’t work because most people who try manifesting don’t take the right action and will instead take the wrong action.

Maybe in the past you “manifested” something you wanted and if you look back you’ll find that you took certain actions that led to the manifestation of what you wanted.

And so you try again only you may not have taken the right action and it didn’t work. Or maybe you didn’t take any action, which is what a lot of people do, and then wonder why it didn’t work.

If you really want to “manifest” anything you have to think, believe and take the right action – and they all have to be aligned with what you want.

Step one: think about what you want and fill your mind with thoughts about succeeding or getting what you want. That means you have to get rid of the negative thoughts and negative beliefs that convince you to give up, often before you even get started.

When you let the negative thoughts linger they quickly take over and create negative or limiting beliefs. When that happens you end up taking the wrong actions, talking to the wrong people and making the wrong choices and so you don’t succeed – or you don’t manifest what you really want.

They all work together and your thoughts, beliefs and actions have to be aligned, then you’ll truly begin manifesting quickly and easily.

Your thoughts start in your mind and over time thoughts which are repeated regularly become beliefs. Your beliefs are then planted on your subconscious mind. As you continue to re-enforce those beliefs with similar thoughts your subconscious then makes sure you take actions that reflect your beliefs.

When those thoughts are negative you create negative beliefs. When you have negative beliefs you take negative actions, you make the wrong choices and you do the wrong things so you end up failing or not succeeding.

For example: if you want to get a better job but think there are no good jobs or that you’re not qualified (or over qualified) then you will believe that there are no good jobs, that you’re not good enough or you’re over qualified. Your subconscious picks up on these beliefs and (without realizing it) you will take actions that reflect your beliefs. Your subconscious will make sure you pursue jobs that are not a good fit for you, that you are not good enough for or jobs for which you are over qualified.

Your thoughts and beliefs are the instructions for your subconscious which simply makes sure you do what you regularly think and believe

Thoughts = Beliefs = Subconscious instructions = actions = failure/success

Negative thoughts = Negative beliefs = negative subconscious instructions = negative outcomes/failure

Here’s the good news: You’re in charge of your thoughts. You get to choose what you think. And by choosing thoughts that allow you to succeed you can eliminate the negative thoughts.

Once you eliminate the negative thoughts you’ll eliminate the negative beliefs. When you eliminate the negative beliefs you stop taking the wrong actions.

The next step is to replace those negative thoughts and negative beliefs with the kind of thoughts and beliefs that allow you to succeed. It’s not as simple as having positive thoughts.

Simple positive thoughts will make you feel good for a few moments but they won’t always lead to positive beliefs and drive you to take the right actions.

You need to have the right thoughts and the right beliefs and when you’re trying to eliminate the negative thoughts and replace them with the right beliefs your mind will put up a fight and you can give up pretty quickly.

That’s why it’s important to follow a system that allows you to replace the negative thoughts and negative beliefs with the right thoughts and the right beliefs so that you take the right actions and “manifest” what you want and succeed

Karim Hajee

Creating Power Inc 263 Park Home Ave Toronto, Ontario M2R1A1 Canada (416) 227-9665


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