A 19-year-old student has alleged that he experienced racism on the Rheinbahn, Düsseldorf’s train operator, both from a fellow passenger and driver who was called in to de-escalate the incident.

On Monday evening, Bejan Yakin – who has Afghani roots – entered a train at the main station in Düsseldorf, where he is a student. An older woman sat near him and immediately verbally attacked him, calling him a rapist, stalker and misogynistic Arab, he reported to RP Online on Wednesday.

“I ignored her,” Yakin told the newspaper. But when a dark-skinned girl entered the train a few stations later and also became the target of the verbal assault, he asked the woman to stop, Yakin said. Several passengers came to his aid, but the senior woman continued to scold the two, he reports.

When the train driver, alerted by passengers, came to the scene, she first suspected the girl of being the troublemaker, Yakin reports. He tried to intervene, but the train driver, “interrupted me,” he wrote on a post detailing the incident on Facebook.



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