Spain has been gripped by rescue efforts to reach a toddler who fell down a 100 meter deep borehole while on a family day out in the countryside in the hills above Malaga.

Rescue workers racing against the clock to dig out the toddler who fell down a borehole last Sunday believe he could be trapped in an air pocket. Engineer teams brought in to lead the complicated rescue operation believe there is a chance two-year-old Julen could have survived the fall and still be alive, more than five days later.

Local media in Malada reported that specialists have located what they think is a 15-meter chamber at the base of the well in Totalán, where they think the child is located.

The hope is that if he survived the fall, he could still be alive in an air-pocket covered in earth which dislodged as he tumbled through the narrow space.

The chamber is at a depth of around 75 meters. This video shows footage from a robot lowered into the hole.


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