Watch out ENGLISH YOUTH !You may be dragged from a park to a military parade ground!

FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron will make national service mandatory for 16-year-olds under a shock new €1billion trial, it has been revealed.

Mr Macron has approved the scheme which will see 3,000 boys and girls take part in the Universal National Service scheme’s first test in June. The service is said to be a much tougher version of the one he promised back in his 2017 election campaign, The Times reports.

Mr Macron was a candidate for President Jacques René Chirac’s original national service scheme. Speaking about its re-vamp, he said: “Each young French person will experience military life, even briefly, to allow our democracy to be more united and increase the resilience of our society.”

The scheme has been criticised by the French army, who have dubbed it a costly distraction from their job.

In response to this, Mr Macron approved a month-long hybrid civilian-military service that kicks off with two weeks of compulsory residence on military grounds.


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