Britain’s opposition Labour Party has proposed an amendment to a parliamentary motion on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union which could pave the way for a second Brexit referendum.

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday allowed his name to be included in the amendment which seeks to force the government to give parliament time to consider and vote on options to prevent a “no deal” Brexit at the end of March.

plenty of sleepless nights for MP’s these days(unfortunately)

The amendment, which comes a week after the parliament voted down government’s Brexit deal by a large majority, included options like a customs union with the EU, and “a public vote on a deal”.

Corbyn had earlier rejected calls for a second Brexit referendum, saying results of the original vote in June 2016, in which Britons voted 52-48 for leaving the EU after four decades, should be respected in all circumstances.

He said on Tuesday that all options should be available to prevent a disorderly Brexit although the Labour reiterated that the amendment did not mean the party supported another referendum.

“It is time for Labour’s alternative plan to take center stage, while keeping all options on the table, including the option of a public vote,” said Corbyn.

PressTV-UK PM refuses MPs demand to rule out no-deal Brexit

PressTV-UK PM refuses MPs demand to rule out no-deal BrexitUK PM May refuses to take a highly-possible no-deal Brexit off the table.

Lawmakers like Corbyn have been desperately seeking to wrest control of the Brexit process from Prime Minister Theresa May’s government. However, no one has been able to come out with an option that could garner the support of the majority of the House of Commons.

May has indicated that she will bring Britain out of the EU even without a deal on March 29 unless lawmakers agree to a changed version of her agreement in the next few weeks. The premier told the Commons on Monday that she will try to gain concessions from the EU on the status of the Irish border after Brexit, a thorny issue which many believe was the main reason for her historic defeat in the parliament last week.


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