Solar Fake is the electro-act of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Sven Friedrich, also known for his other projects Zeraphine and Dreadful Shadows. The first songs were written in 2006, and in 2007 Sven formed Solar Fake, asking Frank to join as live keyboardist.

Sven Friedrich (born June 1, 1974 in Berlin ) is a German musician, singer and producer. He became famous for his bands Dreadful Shadows , Zeraphine and Solar Fake .

Musical career 

Friedrich, who was born in East Berlin, has been teaching music in classical guitar, piano, and finally drums and jazz and pop singing at the Musikschule Friedrichshain with Leonore Gendries and Catrin Daniel since he was 7 years old. Already since 1988 Sven Friedrich played in various bands as a drummer, guitarist or keyboardist. From 1990 he sang for the first time in a band called “The Nuisance”. Due to several reshuffles and confusions because of the band name, which was already used by a British punk band , renamed themselves in 1993 in Dreadful Shadows . In 2001, Friedrich founded the band Zeraphine and finally in 2007 Solar Fake .

In the “Dreadful Shadows” he pushed the connection between electronic music and rock / metal and influenced the Dreadful Shadows, which stagnated since the early 90s in Gothic Rock rather.

After the dissolution of the Dreadful Shadows Friedrich founded in 2001 together with producer Thommy Hein the band Zeraphine. Initially planned as an electronic solo project, the project quickly expanded to include guitars and drums. With Norman Selbig, Michael Nepp, Manuel Senger and Marcellus Puhlemann completed the occupation still active today. At least since the support tour with the Finnish band HIM in 2004, the reputation of the band Zeraphine increased considerably. In 2007 Sven Friedrich founded an electro-project called “Solar Fake”. Except for the support of live keyboarder Frank, Sven Friedrich is responsible for everything.

Sven Friedrich wrote text contributions to the book “Gothic! The scene in Germany from the perspective of its makers”. He is co-author of the illustrated book “Your hell is here” by Christian Ruhm. Sven Friedrich also writes music for TV programs under a pseudonym .


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