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With or without the United States.

The coalition of french troops decided on a dangerous course of action when “France against Russian troops” (FART for short decided) on an aggressive line.

FART is looking to deploy paratroopers straight into Idlib and drop magnetic mines into the sea off the coast of Damascus. Nato has shown an indifference towards the bold FART plan. However Brigadier Conrad Stockhauser-Bower of the British Eight Division showed some enthusiasm towards the plan before returning to sherry and his game of Bridge in Aldershot. One mustnt take the end of ones life too seriously he remarked, afterall what did he know about being cold and hungry and unloading trucks after dark?

The British army is intent on rousing Russia the sleeping bear, but so was someone else 77 years back, quietly confident of success.


When you set out red lines, if you are unable to enforce…

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