The winter storm that has blanketed parts of Midwestern and Northeastern United States in snow has now brought the rushing waters of Niagara Falls to a halt in places.

Parts of the waterfall still continue to flow, but are surrounded by huge blocks of ice.

An aerial photo taken over the American side shows water flowing around ice due to subzero temperatures in Niagara Falls. Photograph: Dronebase/Reuters

A couple takes a photo of ice viewed from the Canadian side in Niagara Falls, in Ontario. Photograph: Moe Doiron/Reuters

The cold snap in Ontario has offered visitors the chance to catch the extraordinary view. Photograph: Moe Doiron/Reuters

Tourists flocked the waterfall this week hoping to catch a glimpse of the frozen waters. Photograph: Moe Doiron/Reuters 

Ice and snow cover branches near the brink of the Horseshoe Falls.


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