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Acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan told civilian leaders of the US military on Wednesday to remember “China, China, China.” Many US media used his words as headlines. As the Pentagon cited China as “a strategic competitor” a year ago, Shanahan’s remarks show again that Beijing is Washington’s priority to guard against.

A major country’s security affairs are usually sorted by importance and urgency, and China may have become the US’ most important goal. But Washington seems to neglect urgency. It focuses only on China, losing interest in Afghanistan and Syria. The trade war reflected the hard-line US attitude toward China in 2018. Whether Washington will add military pressure on Beijing in 2019 still remains to be seen.

By saying “remember China,” Shanahan may mean to prevent China narrowing the China-US military gap.

The US may conduct more military provocations against China in the Taiwan Straits and the South…

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