Believe it or not, you can learn something from zombie movies, but it’s not about zombies.

Even for the sort of guy that likes to be prepared, zombies probably aren’t the sort of threat you’re gearing up to deal with — but don’t be so quick to dismiss everything you see on shows like “The Walking Dead.” Hidden somewhere in the melodrama and special effects, there are some strong points to be made about how people tend to respond after disasters.

As dangerous as the zombies in these shows and movies can be, it’s often the other humans that you really need to worry about. People are exceptionally good at justifying their actions to themselves, and when the going gets tough, it becomes easier to justify increasingly shitty actions. When it comes to life or death, you’d be surprised how many guys would be happy to throw you into the jaws of death, just to steal a few more more minutes of life.

People are pack animals, and we tend to bunch when we’re scared. Teaming up is never a bad idea, but it pays to team up with folks you can trust. If there’s no one around you can trust, then it pays to be self reliant.

Get the gear you need to take care of yourself and your family ahead of time, and you won’t need to rely on the kindness of others to get you through a bad situation. When everyone around you is losing their minds, you can keep yours – knowing that you don’t have to join the melee of folks competing for survival.

Hand-picked by US Special Ops veterans


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