Many people are probably used to waiting in the phone queue to the Migration Agency. This morning some of you may have received a rather more vulgar message after the organization’s switchboard was hacked.

Those who rang into the agency heard what was described as a hateful voice saying “jävla Migrationsverket” (which can be translated as “damn” or “fucking Migration Agency”). 

 The hack was first reported by SVT just after 9am on Monday. When The Local called the agency shortly after 9.30am, phone service had returned to normal and our reporter heard the agency’s standard automatic greeting.

  Migrationsverket press spokesman Mardin Baban confirmed to The Local that callers earlier in the morning were greeted by the vulgar message.  “We can confirm that it has been difficult to reach the Migration Agency’s switchboard this morning.

We have also heard the recorded message that met the people who called in,” he said. “We are currently investigating what this may have been due to and how long it lasted. Since about 9.15 this morning there should be no problem to be able to reach the Agency as usual.”

 The agency also wrote about the incident on its Facebook page, saying that the problem has been resolved and apologizing for any inconvenience caused to callers.  Baban said that the agency was taking the incident “very seriously”.

 “We are investigating this very seriously and it has top priority. We have regular contact with our telephone operator, which we know has made an update during the night,” he said. 


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