Soheli Tasnim

It is a boring day. It seems more boring for Tori. Because she uses lipstick today. I don’t like lipstick at all, especially red lipstick. But Tori likes to use lipstick all time. Not only she but all the girls I know like to use lipstick. I am Kamal. I work with Tori actually I like her but the damn thing lipstick. I can’t make her understand about this. My friends and relatives don’t like this type of avoidance and Tori she just hates this.

She doesn’t know the story. The story of lipstick of my life. I can’t forget Shetu. My younger sister Shetu. She also liked lipstick.  Red lipstick. I bought a red lipstick that day from the fair. She used it every day when she went out to college. But one-day Shetu didn’t come to us. We tried our best to find her and the next day we found…

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