The worst travel chaos since last year’s Beast from East has been predicted with up to 10cm of snow expected to fall in parts of the UK today.

Weather warnings for snow and ice have been issued by the Met Office across most of the country.

Between 1 and 3cm of snow has been widely forecast while 5 to 10cm could fall on higher ground. Flurries have already been reported in northern England, Scotland and Wales.

Four separate yellow weather warnings have been issued.

A snowplow clears a lane on the M6 near the village of Shap in Cumbria (PA)

Warnings for snow and ice are in place in the south east, covering East Anglia and London, from 9pm on Tuesday until 12pm on Friday; for central regions, Wales and the north east between 12pm on Tuesday and 12pm on Friday; and in the western side of Scotland and into north west England until 11am on Wednesday.ADVERTISINGinRead invented by Teads

A warning for Northern Ireland, running from 5.30am until 11am on Wednesday, said ice may form causing potential problems on untreated roads.

Heavy snow had already fallen in Cumbria by Tuesday lunchtime, with one unfortunate driver getting his van stuck in a ditch.

Highways England traffic officers prepare to pull a van out of a ditch off the A6 (Owen Humphreys/PA Wire)

Drivers have been told not to travel in the worst conditions.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams told the BBC: “The worst cold weather travel chaos since last winter’s Beast from the East is expected.

“If you must travel, pack a blanket, shovel and food in case you get stuck.”


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