He slammed the Prime Minister’s u-turn on reopening the Brexit agreement .

The SNP’s Westminster leader accused the PM of a “disgraceful response” to his questions after he attacked her latest Brexit strategy.

Ian Blackford slammed the Prime Minister’s u-turn on reopening the Brexit agreement.

He said: “Two weeks ago the Prime Minister told this House to vote down this deal in the hope of going back to Brussels and negotiating an alternative to the deal – no such alternative deal exists.

“Yet last night she told the House she will go back to Brussels and seek an alternative arrangement so what is it?

The MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber asked: “Has the Prime Minister inadvertently misled the House or is this Government’s incompetence reached a whole new level?”

Ian Blackford mocked the Prime Minister’s u-turn

In response, the Prime Minister insisted she is taking back to Brussels what was agreed by Parliament.

She criticised Mr Blackford for comments he made suggesting the Tories were “ripping up the Good Friday Agreement”, calling them “frankly irresponsible”.

The SNP leader said that was a “disgraceful response” from a PM acting with “sheer irresponsibility”.

It follows on from comments he made on Tuesday night saying the government had “effectively ripped apart the Good Friday Agreement” by backing the Brady amendment which called for “alternative arrangements” to the Irish backstop.

But the Democratic Unionist Party’s Westminster leader Nigel Dodds said it was “utterly reckless to talk in those terms”.

Mr Dodds said: “This is a significant night because for the first time the House by majority has expressed what sort of deal will get through and will have a majority, and we will work with the Prime Minister to deliver the right deal for the United Kingdom.”

This is despite the EU’s insistence that talks cannot be reopened and there is no way around the hated Irish backstop.


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