The movies sure do make it seem like self defense is all about winning fights when they come to you. Those of us that have been in our fair share of fights know better.

The vast majority of self defense boils down to mindset, preparation, and knowing how to avoid that fight in the first place.

Surviving a bad situation isn’t all that different: most of it is mindset and preparation, the rest is leveraging your experience to avoid the worst.

You’re gonna need an assortment of survival and tactical gear that was hand picked by our team of Special Operations veterans to make sure you’re ready for the worst life can throw at you.

As you get to know each piece of kit, you develop a greater sense of what you’re capable of, and what the gear in your pack can help you to accomplish.

Before you know it, you’ve got a trunk full of gear you know how to use, a well rounded approach to getting by in the wilderness, and a mindset built on the experience you’ve gained by putting your Crate Club gear through their paces.

So when if and when the worst does occur, you’re go-bag isn’t the only thing that’s prepared. You are too.

Crate Club doesn’t just send you what you need to survive, we send you what you need to gain the experience you need to survive.

The right mindset is the best tool you can take with you into a survival situation. That’s on you. We’ll provide the rest so check out Crate Club .


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