A good move? No. It’s a dick move. A huge, floppy, donkey dick move.

Every British citizen is going to materially lose a whole lot of their rights when 2019 rolls around. Now, some in the UK may not care about the most visible of these, such as the right to live and work in any of the 27 other EU nations without restriction, since many of them have no desire or inclination to do such a thing.

But others do.

It’s part of the promise of the European project that everyone under the age of 40 has grown up with. If we wanted to study in Berlin or work in Amsterdam, that was an option that was open to us with no restrictions other than our ability. Now that door will be closed, pending huge piles of visa paperwork and years of resentment from both sides.

With the Great Repeal Bill working its way through Parliament at time of writing, initially this will copy and paste all existing EU legislation that applies to the UK directly into British law after 2019. But, assuming the Tories are still in office, you can bet that many of the regulations and protections we currently enjoy from the EU will be either watered down or eliminated (possibly without any parliamentary scrutiny – see all the recent discussion about ‘Henry VIII clauses’). Workers’ rights, privacy rights, environmental standards, and so on. Just remember, Theresa May is a major authoritarian – just look at her record when she was in the Home Office.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say this again. The best deal Britain could have with the EU is the one we already had. Britain is going to be much worse off, all on the basis of a whole bunch of lies on behalf of the Leave campaign. Let’s look at a few:

  • We will get our sovereignty back. We never lost our sovereignty. Every country in the EU is a sovereign nation.
  • We can control EU immigration. We were already able to do that, the government just never put the legislation that enabled it into practice. We had the ability to do both arrival and departure checks, we just chose not to.
  • We can save £350bn a week to spend on other things. Firstly, we get a around half of what we paid in back – we negotiated a huge rebate back in the 80s. And, if you add in all the EU-funded science investment, infrastructure improvements, support for agriculture and so on, we were getting more than our money’s worth, We’re going to lose a whole lot more than that with the imposition of customs barriers, the removal of EU passporting for financial services and so on.
  • The Germans are running things. So what? Britain could have been running the whole show, right up there at the top table with Merkel and Macron if we hadn’t been such a belligerent, whinging pain in the arse to the EU these past 40 years. Also, the Germans are good at running things. Better than we are, anyway. Plus, it’s not WW2 anymore and Angela Merkel isn’t Hitler. The Germans are goodies now, so get over it.
  • Because… foreigners. What, foreigners like the ones who happily serve you your vindaloo on a Friday night, who serve your doner kebab on a Saturday night, who do your plumbing, fix your car, drive your buses, care for you in hospital, run your local corner shop, teach your kids, and so on? The ones who have become part of the fabric of British society? Sure. Send them all ‘home’ and see what happens. We’d be back in the fucking dark ages by teatime.
  • But a foreigner took my jeeeerrrrrb! Seriously, what the fuck. If a foreigner can come to the UK, with no network and only an average command of the language, and take your job… I think that says more about you than it does about them. Us British are not known for our work ethic. If people want to come in from abroad and work harder than we do, and if you feel threatened by it, that should encourage us to get off our arses and work just as hard, not bitch about it.

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