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Tom Heneghan was sent the following links to what appear to be indictments of Kevin Spacey and George Herbert Walker Bush (Nazi Scherff).  Are they real?  I’m no expert and try my best at bringing out the best information possible.  If they are not real, somebody went to a lot of effort.  Tom has been told by his US and French Intelligence sources people are going to jail.  Let’s all keep praying for justice!  Keep destroying the lies of the fake news.  Jeff Sessions is going to soon be fired and then the FBI and DOJ will have a nice swamp purge.  Sessions is already fingered as being involved with spy Stefan Halper and setting up Trump in the Russian Collusion hoax.  He needs to go to GTMO for his treason and lies.

Link to Kevin Spacey Indictment Document

Link to H.W. Bush (Scherff) Indictment Document

In the first show…

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