The Government must stop hiding from the facts….about what they have done

Govt Newspeak

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Teachers are witnessing ‘Dickensian’ levels of child poverty and the “Government is out of touch with the distressing new reality of children’s daily lives.”

Teachers have painted a stark picture on the growing levels of child poverty, with many forced to step in to assist struggling parents in the wake of endless austerity measures.

National Education Union poll of 1,026 teachers in England has exposed the day to day struggles of low-income families, as an estimated 4.5 million school age children are said to be trapped below the poverty line.

Poverty as bad as Charles Dickens era as hungry kids go without winter coats and sleep in uniform

According to the poll (as quoted):

  • 46% of teachers confirm that holiday hunger has got worse compared to three years ago.
  • 63% of respondents say that more families are unable to afford adequate winter clothes or shoes compared to three years ago.

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