For humans and many other animals, respect for the dead often includes respect for the remains we leave behind. Whether we dress up our deceased for a funeral, scatter their ashes on a special place, or put them in a tomb or tower beside other deceased loved one, there is something precious about the way we treat dead bodies, if only to honor the life and the memory of the life it once contained. For this reason, when someone mistreats or disrespects remains, it can seem especially lewd and malignant.

For all the mistreatment of sharks by humankind, much of it can be chalked up to indifference or insufficient understanding. Not so for one Billy Brislane, a fisherman who sparked online outrage when he posted a Facebook video of him a dead, hollowed-out baby shark as a bong. In the horrific footage (I watched so you don’t have to) the fisherman takes a puff from a gruesome pipe that has been stabbed into the creature’s back while the  children’s song, “Baby Shark,” plays on behind him.

the naked ape has to kill everything, then tune in to radio on his electronic boxes


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