The market is going to crash soon. 

How do I know?

In the last 48 hours we’ve had…

1)   The Trump administration suggest that a China trade deal is close if not almost complete.

2)   The Fed suggest that QE should be used as a regular policy tool, rather than only during extreme situations.

3)   Congress suggest a deal has been struck regarding the budget.

Despite this, stocks are up less than 1% as of last night, and less than 2% despite the ramp job this morning.


Again, the Fed has openly suggested QE 4… and Congress has potentially removed one of the biggest political risks… and stocks have rallied less than 2%. 

Put another way, the Central Banking/ Political elite have thrown EVERYTHING they have including the kitchen sink at the markets, and stocks haven’t been able to break above their December highs.


Again, the markets are going to crash. The Fed is losing control. No one is buying into this ramp job. And the real sellers, the ones who collapsed the market from October-December 2018 will be back very soon.


You’ve been warned.

A Crash is coming…


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