A Biman Bangladesh Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Dhaka to Chittagong (Bangladesh) with 134 passengers and 14 crew, suffered an attempted hijack.

  • The Aircraft was climbing out of Dhaka when a passenger armed with a gun attempted to intrude the cockpit and force the crew to fly to Chittagong, where he wanted to talk to Bangladesh’s Prime Minister.
  • The crew continued the hop to Chittagong, declared emergency and landed safely.
  • The passengers and crew except the gunman were able to disembark, while security forces engaged the man in negotiations trying to convince the man to give up. When a shot was fired inside the aircraft security forces opened a raid and fire severely wounding the gunman.
  • The gunman was taken to a hospital where he died.
  • Bangladeshi Authorities opened an investigation in how it was possible to carry a gun on board in Dhaka.
  • The aircraft was bound to fly to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) following the scheduled intermediate stop in Chittagong.



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