General Hamilton Mourão announced that Brazil’s military is not going to intervene in Venezuela

The Most Revolutionary Act

Brian Mier

Generals Santa Cruz and Augusto Heleno warn US is trying to use Brazil as bait to trigger conflict in Venezuela and serve as a buffer during a military intervention.

After pretending that the relatively unknown opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido was the legitimate president of Venezuela failed, the Trump administration engaged in a second coup attempt in Venezuela on Saturday, February 23rd. After a week of threats, with US troops and a bitter Mike Pence nearing the Colombian border, Venezuelan hired guns lit their own aid trucks on fire and blamed the Maduro government. It was a massive PR stunt and papers like the Guardian and WAPO lied to their readers about everything from the size of Richard Branson’s bogus coup-aid concert, to the origins of attacks on US food trucks. In an intelligence gaffe reminiscent of the Iraqi war days, the US seems to have overestimated the level…

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