BRITAIN is not fully prepared for a no-deal Brexit, according to a new Government report, which warned Whitehall is unlikely to have a THIRD of its “most critical” contingency projects ready by March 29.

With just 31 days to go until the UK is due to leave the EU, the report says Government departments are on course to deliver just over two thirds of its most crucial no deal planning. The 15-page analysis, which was drawn up for the Cabinet to set out the implications of no deal for businesses and trade, also warns of a “very severe” impact on some firms, extra border checks for Britons travelling to the EU and the possibility of food shortages. The document also warns Northern Ireland is likely to be hit hardest by a hard exit.

Downing Street had been reluctant to release the assessment but was forced to publish it after a Commons vote.

The release of the report comes just hours after Theresa May announced she would allow MPs to vote on a delay to Brexit if she is unable to secure backing for her unpopular deal.

The study warns of a series of potential impacts of no deal for British consumers, including an increase in the price of some foods and the potential for shortages.

The report also warns that “many businesses” in the food supply industry are still “unprepared for a no deal scenario”.

Britons travelling to the EU after a no deal Brexit would be unable to use e-gates at European airports meaning passport checks “could take longer than they currently do”, the study says.

No deal Brexit warning

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